Nets don't flip-flop on flop rule

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The Nets’ reaction to the NBA’s new flopping rules was generally a positive one. Still, they were a bit uncertain as to how it’s going to work, given that it is, after all, a subjective call.

“We talked about it at our head coach’s summit,” Nets coach Avery Johnson said Thursday. “Every year, there’s some big topic, and this was one of the bigger topics. It’s hard to fine a guy because it’s a subjective deal.

“If I’ve got a guy that’s flopping, obviously I’m not gonna think that he flopped. I think it’s kind of subjective. I’m curious to see how it’s all gonna shake out. I don’t like flopping. I’m against flopping. But I think this is one of those things where we have one big ticket item every year ... we’ll see where we are and how we feel about this in the middle of the season, and then after All-Star break and so on and so forth.”

Johnson isn’t concerned because the Nets “aren’t a flopping team.”

Granted, Reggie Evans does have a reputation (see YouTube video here) ...

“But I haven’t seen him flop yet,” Johnson replied.

Joe Johnson and Deron Williams were both asked their thoughts about the issue.

“I’m not a flopper so it’s gonna benefit me,” Joe Johnson said. “It’s tough. I don’t know how they’re going to determine whether you flop or not. If guys get fined, it’s gonna stop all that flopping.

“It’s messing up the game. I’m glad they put it in, honestly.”

Said Williams: “We’ll see how it goes. I mean if you’re getting fined $5,000, $10,000 and $20,000, people will stop flopping. But it’s hard to differentiate what’s a flop and what’s not sometimes.

“Flopping is getting a little out of control. Some of the flops, some of the guys out there are a little eccentric with their flops.”

Pressed on the issue, Williams replied, “I don’t care, honestly. I don’t care what they do. It’s the NBA, they put the rules in, and we’ve gotta play by them. Our job is to play basketball. They have a set of rules we have to abide by, just like there’s a set of laws we have to abide by in the real world. If you break the law you go to jail. If you flop, now you’re gonna get fined. Same thing.”