D-Will upset with ref's non-call

Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams was upset with the officials after tweaking his left ankle during the fourth quarter of Sunday’s 82-74 victory over the Orlando Magic.

With 5:06 remaining in the game, Williams attempted a 3-pointer from the wing. As he was coming down, D-Will landed on an Orlando defender’s foot and fell to the floor.

No foul was called. He stayed down to tie his sneaker and got up limping, but remained in the game, finishing with 17 points, seven assists and seven rebounds in 36 minutes.

“I came down on the defender’s foot which was supposed to be a foul. That’s a point of emphasis,” Williams said. “I missed 13 games my third year in the NBA (because of a similar play). It’s definitely a dangerous play and it should’ve been a foul.”

“They said the same think they say every time I get fouled and they don’t call it: they didn’t see it,” Williams said. “I got fouled a couple times tonight and they didn’t call it, but you get used to it.”

Williams’ left ankle is the same one he had to have a cortisone shot in because he has bone spurs. D-Will expects he’s going to need offseason surgery to clean out the ankle.

“(My ankle’s) good,” Williams said. “It was more scary than anything when you come down and you feel it. It hurt for a second, but now it’s good.”

Nets coach Avery Johnson expects the league to take a closer look at the play.

“I think sometimes the defense is moving under him more. He’s not getting level ground to come down, so that’s something that I know the officials will continue to evaluate, because he’s not coming down clean enough on his shots, but I think he’s fine,” Johnson said.

“One of the great things about the league, they’re going to evaluate those plays, we don’t even have to make a phone call. They’re going to consistently evaluate those plays. But one of the things with (GM) Billy (King), if there’s a play that’s consistently happening, then he’ll send it in, and the league will give us some feedback.”