Crew chief discusses ejections

Crew chief James Capers was interviewed by a pool reporter after the Nets' 95-83 victory over the Celtics, in which Kris Humphries, Gerald Wallace and Rajon Rondo were ejected following a second-quarter shoving match.

Q. What specifically prompted ejection of Rondo?

Capers: Rondo initiated everything that proceeded after the foul. And when he and Humphries go into the stands, they are involved in a fight. Fighting is an automatic ejection.

Q. What were the reasons for the two technical fouls on Humphries?

Capers: When Kevin (Garnett) goes to the basket, he is re-routed by Humphries. So we had a personal foul for the re-route. Kevin is trying to continue -- to get a continuation by shooting -- and now Humphries hits him. Because the whistle blew, it was a dead-ball situation, and that’s a technical foul for contact during a dead ball. ... What proceeds after that is a fight, so he’s ejected.

Q. Did Wallace or Garnett throw a punch?

Capers: As we reviewed it, no. They aggressively went to one another, and they basically pushed and extended on one another, but there was not a punch thrown.

Q. What prompted their techs?

Capers: For the escalating of the event. And then Wallace (already) had one, so therefore he was ejected.