KG: Humphries 'always been out of control'

The Boston Celtics clearly do not like Brooklyn Nets power forward Kris Humphries.

A day after Celtics reserve guard Jason Terry called Humphries “soft” following Wednesday night’s melee -- which resulted in point guard Rajon Rondo being suspended two games without pay -- power forward Kevin Garnett said Humphries has “always been out of control.”

“When you watch film on the dude, he’s always extra,” Garnett said of Humphries during a Thursday interview on WEEI, according to Boston.com. “We watched him on film the last time we played him in Brooklyn and he kind of gave Paul a similar type of foul -- two hands, had something on it. Dude’s always been known to be out of control. He’s always tried to play the tough guy or whatever role you want to do it. It was a little extra, but it comes with the territory and it comes with the game. ... I guess they’re trying to hold up to the whole Brooklyn mentality.”

It was Humphries’ hard foul of KG with 29.5 seconds left in the second that resulted in the melee. Rondo shoved Humphries with two hands toward the stands behind the basket, prompting Humphries to pull the Celtics point guard’s jersey over his head. Meanwhile, KG exchanged shoves with Nets small forward Gerald Wallace nearby.

Rondo and Humphries were both ejected, while KG and Wallace picked up technical fouls -- Wallace’s second also leading to his own ejection. KG and Wallace were fined $25,000 and $35,000, respectively, for their actions.

“Rajon doesn’t like anybody messing with teammates or messing with brothers or family,” Garnett told the radio station, according to Boston.com. “It’s been how it is since I’ve been here. We have each other’s backs out there.”