Avery: Joe bounced back in practice

Nets shooting guard Joe Johnson was benched for the final 9:04 of the third quarter on Sunday night after committing a turnover. He finished his team's 97-88 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks with just six points.

"I think more than anything it was the (lack of) aggressiveness," Nets coach Avery Johnson explained Monday when asked why he sat the 31-year-old veteran. "He was being really, really careless with the ball. But Joe is very coachable. He bounced back in practice today, and everything he knew I was disappointed with he accomplished today. He was very solid in practice."

"He'll be fine," point guard Deron Williams added. "Joe's a guy you don't have to say much to. He's quiet anyway. He's gonna fight through it."

Johnson is currently averaging 16 points on 41.1 percent shooting -- the second-lowest percentage of his career, according to ESPN Stats & Information. He is averaging 5.3 fourth-quarter points, tied for fifth-most in the NBA.

Johnson leads the Nets in minutes played (37.5 per game). According to ESPN Stats & Information, in the 204 minutes Johnson has been off the floor this season, the Nets are being outscored by 8.5 points per 48 minutes. In the 713 minutes he's been on the floor, the Nets have outscored opponents by 5.5 points.

"An efficient 18 points, that's what we're looking for and that's what I expect from him," Avery Johnson said. "We're going to get it from him."

• D-Will is averaging 16.8 points. According to ESPN Stats & Information, that is his fewest since his second season in the league (2006-07). He's shooting a career-low 39.2 percent from the field and his 8.7 assists per game are tied for the second-fewest of his career.

Williams is averaging more points per isolation play this season than last season (0.88 from 0.84), but his points per play as the pick-and-roll ballhandler and off screen are down pretty significantly (0.93 to 0.72, 0.95 to 0.76).