Will D-Will bounce back?

It’s no secret Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams has had a disappointing season.

Williams, who has been bothered by minor injuries, confidence problems shooting the ball and fatigue while struggling to thrive in an isolation-heavy offensive system, is averaging just 16.7 points (lowest since 2006-07) and 7.6 assists (lowest since 2005-06) on 41.3 percent shooting (would be the second-lowest total of his career).

He’s shooting just 35.9 percent on his jumpers and 30 percent in the fourth quarter (33-for-110).

On Monday, the Nets announced that Williams would miss at least two games with inflammation in both of his ankles. He is expected to return to practice next Monday.

General manager Billy King acknowledged D-Will’s struggles, but believes his point guard can turn it around and reclaim his spot as one of the top 1s in the NBA.

“Let’s not put the dirt on him and say his career’s over at 28,” King said, according to the New York Daily News.

“I think the same questions were asked last year about Carmelo Anthony when they were struggling and people were writing him off, saying is he’s not the same player. I think he bounced back this year.

“Am I confident he’s going to get back to being Deron Williams? Yes.”

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