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FanSpeak: Greatest moments in Nets history?

April, 24, 2012

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The Nets are leaving New Jersey. Does anybody care? How will people remember the N.J. Nets?

From Monday night marks end of N.J. Nets era:

"Sorry, but the greatest Net of all time was Dr. J."
- Dr. Dave 61

Ed.'s note -- Sure, but he played for the New York Nets, at the Nassau Coliseum, not in Jersey.

From Chris Christie: No love lost for Nets:

" '(The Prudential Center is) one of the most beautiful arenas in America they have a chance to play in, it's in one of the country's most vibrant cities...' Is that what Newark is now? Vibrant? Really? Christie needs to shut his piehole....."
- carrasquillo69

Ed.'s note -- He needs to shut his what?

"This move makes no sense. It's not like Brooklyn's a vast improvement over Jersey in the first place."
- Tito M.D.

Ed.'s note -- The pizza alone is a vast improvement.

"Hey put it this way... At least New Jersey still has the "Jersey Shore" heh..."
- Kobeto Clippers

Ed.'s note -- True. More people root for Snooki than the Nets.

"Right Chris, Newark is much cooler than Brooklyn. Sure it is.
Christie's like a guy dumped by his girlfriend because he's a boring rube, then screams "Good riddance!" at her exhaust fumes. Pathetic."
- Mike02414

Ed.'s note -- Nobody likes seeing a guy cry about getting dumped. What's he supposed to say?

"When u cant sell out a stanley cup game...what does that say about your fan base your moron"
- billyb_in_nyc

Ed.'s note -- The Devils and Nets have different fans, but still ... that is very sad.

From Facebook

"still got the devils"
- Ryan Bucks

Ed.'s note -- Sure. Maybe Newark will become Hockeytown East!

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Ewing: Won't be easy for Nets in Brooklyn

January, 16, 2012
Patrick Ewing thinks the Nets will have a tough time gaining a fan base in Brooklyn.

Ewing's logic?

He believes most fans in New York root for the Knicks and will not switch allegiances to Mikhail Prokhorov & Co.

"Most of the fans will still be Knick fans," Ewing said when asked about the viability of Brooklyn as a basketball a pro basketball market. "Brooklyn, it's a great town, a great city. It's New York. But most of the people, just like most of the people who were going to Nets games [when Ewing played in New York] were Knicks fans, so they're going to have their work cut out for them to try to change the culture."

The Nets will move to Brooklyn and a brand new arena beginning in 2012-2013.

EWING LIKES TYSON: Ewing is a fan of new Knicks center Tyson Chandler. But he said it's too early to compare the Knicks' trio of Chandler, Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire to that of he, Anthony Mason and Charles Oakley.

"We won a lot of games," Ewing said with a smile. "They just started, who knows? Definitely, Carmelo and Stoudemire are two great All Stars and Tyson … is a plus; he brings energy and effort."

As for his own big man, Ewing hopes potential free agent Dwight Howard stays in Orlando.

"My opinion, he's the best center in the league right now," Ewing said. "He's great for our team."

The Hall of Famer acknowledged that all of the drama surrounding Howard has been a burden for Orlando.

"It's tough for everybody," Ewing said. "It's tough for the team; it's tough for his teammates; it's tough for management because naturally they want him to be around, want him to be a part of the organization."

EWING FOR HIRE: Ewing, an assistant with the Magic, still has aspirations of becoming a head coach. He interviewed with the Detroit Pistons in the offseason. Detroit ultimately decided to hire ex-Nets coach Lawrence Frank.

"It was great to finally have my first interview. I thought i did a pretty good job," Ewing said. "Like anything, it's a learning experience and the next one I hope to be better ."

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