Giants are No. 12 in Uni Watch NFL uniform rankings


What is the NFL offseason for if not to rank things? So obviously it makes sense that Uni Watch has released its NFL uniform Power Rankings.

And yes, I know this has nothing to do with who's going to play left tackle or who's going to play free safety or whether the Giants can make the playoffs for the first time in four years. But on this sunny offseason Friday morning, I thought that at least some of you out there might like to know that Uni Watch ranks the Giants' uniforms No. 12 in the NFL.

This is a jump of three spots from the last time they did these rankings (mainly because of a huge drop by the 49ers and their horrible new black alternate jerseys). Here's what Paul Lukas has to say about the Giants' duds:

"The gray pants still feel too drab, and it still makes no sense for a team whose main color is blue to have such a red-centric road uniform (a more detailed argument on this point can be found here). But the white alternate pants are a big improvement. At the very least, let's see those pants rolled out for more games this season. Even better, let's make them the team's primary pants."

At the risk of journeying too far down an analytical road for which I am ill equipped, I find myself agreeing with Paul on the issue of Giants uniform pants. The white pants are just a cleaner look, and especially with the white jerseys would make everyone look quite sharp. And I don't mind all the red on the road uniform, as Paul does, but maybe that's because I remember that red jersey they used to wear every now and then and figure this is a lot better than that was.

The red Giants jersey is not something about which we ever need to speak again.