Ware compliments tough, old coach

Not bad for an "old" guy.

Giants running back D.J. Ware crashed into head coach Tom Coughlin's leg during Saturday's game and Coughlin held his ground, earning compliments from his running back for his toughness on Friday.

"He's old so you hit an old guy like that and he stands up, that's pretty good," Ware said.

Late in the fourth quarter Saturday, Ware took an inside handoff to the outside and rushed down the right sideline. After going out of bounds at the Giants' 42-yard line, Jets linebacker Aaron Maybin shoved Ware right into Coughlin and Ware crashed into his coach's left leg. Coughlin appeared to be in pain but didn't fall to the ground.

"It was one of those things where all I could only do is try to fall down and brace my fall a little bit and coach kind of braced it for me," Ware said.

He added: "I tried to tell him I'm sorry but he told me to get out of here, it's not your fault, just keep playing like you're doing. I'm like, alright, cool."

On Monday, Coughlin joked that Ware was no longer with the team.

"That's him, that's how he does," Ware said. "He has his little sense of humor that he comes around with sometimes. It's fun to be joking about me. At least he's talking about me. I guess that's a good thing."

Perhaps unknowingly, Ware let the cat out of the bag by saying that Coughlin injured his hamstring on the play. He said he thought he hurt Coughlin's knee because he hit it from the side and on top of the knee and figured he had blown out his coach's knee. It had not been previously known what Coughlin injured.

"I guess when I hit him, went back, he stood his ground and didn't fall, which surprised me. Him hurting his hamstring," Ware said. "I guess he's pretty tough."