Gilbride on the secret to Cruz's success

In his weekly session with reporters on Thursday, Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride was asked about what makes wideout Victor Cruz so dangerous after the catch?

Cruz has caught short passes the past two weeks and turned them into 99- and 74-yard touchdown plays, just part of his remarkable, record-breaking season.

Here was Gilbride's response:

"Everybody’s different. Each guy has their own attribute or characteristics that allow them to be effective. He is just a fairly powerfully built young man. He’s got some strength, some girth to him, so if you don’t hit him flush-up and he’s going that way he’s got enough quickness coupled with -- I don’t want to say a running back’s build -- but [he's] a little thicker than the average receiver might be. You gotta legitimately tackle him, he’s not gonna go down. So that’s really why he is a good runner after the catch -- he’s got enough quickness, coupled with some strength.