Boley: 'I don't watch SB if I'm not in it'

Giants linebacker Michael Boley honestly can’t remember the last time he watched the Super Bowl. Seriously.

“I don’t watch the Super Bowl if I’m not in it,” said Boley, who will play in his first one on Feb. 5 against New England, on Tuesday. “I’ve been like that since I’ve been in the league.”

Boley has been in the NFL for seven seasons. Prior to 2011, he’d been to the postseason just once, and never won a game. He’d actually been traveling during the last two Super Bowls. He won’t be able to this time, though, since he’s in it.

“It hasn’t really sunk in yet. I don’t think it really will until we get into Indy,” Boley said of the opportunity.

Boley was asked what he’d tell the rookies.

“They don’t get it yet. This is their first year. They think this is what happens every year,” Boley said. “But we’ve got a group of veterans on this team that just try to keep them humble, and let them know to cherish this moment, because it doesn’t happen too often.”

Boley gets it.

“I’ve been in this league seven seasons, and just getting in the playoffs is hard to come by,” he said.

• Fifteen Giants on the current roster were on the Super Bowl XLII championship team. Antrel Rolle was on the Cardinals when they lost to the Steelers in heartbreaking fashion the following season.

“I was on the losing side of it, and I can tell you right now, there’s not too many things that can feel worse than that. To be so close and have a hard-fought game, I think that eased the pain a little bit, as opposed to getting your butt whooped, but I definitely don’t want to feel that again,” he said

Rolle won’t address that with his teammates.

“I never speak of any type of losing situations,’’ Rolle said, “That’s not in my mind, that’s not what this team is made up of and we don’t need to hear that. We’re fully aware of what’s at stake.’’

That Santonio Holmes catch must’ve been pretty tough to swallow, huh?

“That play is a crazy play,” Rolle said. “I was actually on the opposite side and the guy who Ben Roethlisberger was targeting first was actually the guy I was covering and I kind of bumped him and he fell down. I thought, ‘This is a pick, I’m taking this to the house’ because there was no one in front of me. And he just turned all the way and just chucks the ball. You can’t be mad at that play. You have to take that one and have to live with that one.”