Sunday Conversation with Eli

Following are some of quotes airing in Rachel Nichols' Sunday Conversation with Eli Manning:

• On saying he was 'elite' before the season: "I don't regret the way I answered that question. If I could do it over again, if that question wasn't asked, you know, I wouldn't complain about it. But a question was asked, I thought I gave an honest, fair answer. The way they interpreted it, or spun it around, that, I can't control those things"

• On the Giants: "This is a fun time, and, and you want to enjoy it, but our job's not done yet. In New York, they like winners; they don't like second place. They want a championship, and so that's the goal."

• On the controversy around Mark Sanchez: "I don't think a lot of it's fair sometimes, and I've dealt with it myself over the years. As soon as you make mistakes, or you have an off year, even if it's not your fault as a quarterback ... I've always said the quarterback and the head coach always get too much blame when you lose and too much credit when you win."

• On Peyton: "Peyton and I, we talk and we're very close. I've talked to him a good bit these last couple weeks. It's just different for him this year, and obviously not being in that locker room, not competing every day at practice, or preparing for a game, and also seeing your coaches get fired that you've been with, some of the coaches he's been with for fourteen years. But I think with the way the whole season has gone, and being injured, and missing a full season, actually, I thought he's handled it better than I thought he would. I thought without football that he would just go crazy, but he's handled it well, he's kept his good spirits, he's stayed strong. You know, he's always a great support, and someone who I can talk to, just because he understands and he's been in these situations. He is proud of me, and he is rooting for the Giants hard."