Cruz's salsa the 'best thing in football'

INDIANAPOLIS -- Madonna might be the second-most famous dancer in Lucas Oil Stadium Sunday night.

Victor Cruz and his celebrated 'Salsa' were a hot topic of conversation Monday when the Giants arrived for Super Bowl XLVI.

Teammate Justin Tuck said the Salsa is going to be the next Macarena.

"Since this guy arrived in New York City, Victor Cruz has become a household sensation," said Tuck, adding that he had an 80-year-old Twitter follower that said she does the Salsa.

Said teammate Antrel Rolle: "'Till this day, I still laugh at it. I think its the best thing that has probably happened to football this year."

Cruz, one of six Giants made available to the media, gave the national media a refresher on the origin of his dance. He said it started around Week 3, during Hispanic Heritage Month.

"My coaches were like, 'Man, you’ve got to do something special. You’re half Puerto Rican and you’ve got to do something to really get the people fired up,'" he said. "So I said all right, and whatever, as I wasn’t expecting to get into the end zone as it was my first start. So I got into the end zone and as I’m running in, I was like, 'Wow, I need to do this thing now.' It’s just something that kind of came about and then my grandmother loved it. It just continued from there."

Cruz has had many opportunities to do the dance -- nine touchdown celebrations, to be exact. He's still waiting for his first post-season touchdown.

Cruz, who turned down an invitation to "Dancing with the Stars," scoffed when told that New York dance instructors have said his dance isn't technically correct.

"This is my way," he said. "When those dance instructors get into the end zone, they can do it whatever way they want to."