Izzo has long history with Patriots

INDIANAPOLIS -- Larry Izzo will always have a place in Patriots lore. He won three Super Bowl rings with them and was one of the best special teamers in history. But now he's on the other side, an assistant special teams coach for the Giants.

(Interesting side note: Izzo has a son named Boston and his wife is Mara. Now we're talking about some serious New England-Giants connections.)

Comparing the two organizations, Izzo said they have one thing in common: Strong family ownership from the Krafts and Maras. Izzo said, "You can feel the family vibe in the facility," and he said the same about the Patriots.

"You want to reflect well on the owner," he said Wednesday at the Giants' hotel. "If he's absent, you lose that a little bit, but Mr. (Bob) Kraft and Mr. (John) Mara are very involved."

Izzo was asked about Woody Johnson. Remember, Izzo played one season (2009) with the Jets.

"It was just one year, so I didn't get a chance to interact with that organization and Woody," he said.

Of course, he's been with the Giants for only a year.