Countdown: The Bling masters

It's 2 pm. Four-plus hours to go.

We're blogging some stories to read about the Giants before Super Bowl XLVI. At the top of every hour until 6 pm, there will be a blog posted with a link to another Giants story that came during this Super Bowl run that you might’ve missed either on a Giants player or an angle that could factor into tonight’s game. So check back every hour. Fourth up:

LORDS OF THE RINGS: When kickoff comes and all those camera flashbulbs pop in blinding unison, there will be a handful of Giants who will not be in awe of the moment. Here's the 15 Giants who played in Super Bowl XLII and why their experience was valuable in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl and why it could be huge tonight.

Which Giant with a ring already will come up big again tonight in your mind? Tell us in the comments list below!