Bicknell Jr. departs for Kansas City

Giants assistant offensive line coach Jack Bicknell Jr. accepted the offensive line coaching position in Kansas City this week. Bicknell Jr. was with the Giants under Pat Flaherty for three seasons:

“It’s been unbelievable,” Bicknell said. “Starting right from the top with John Mara, Steve Tisch and Jerry Reese and Coach (Tom) Coughlin. I think everybody that works here knows what a special place it is, what kind of special people there are here. The relationships I’ve formed here I’ll remember forever. That’s so important. We had some good times, some bad times and ended up with the best of all times. Just an absolutely amazing run and it’s something I’ll always remember and always cherish.

“I’ll have a huge part in my heart for this place. It’s tough to leave. If I didn’t have an opportunity to go from an assistant to a head O-line guy, trust me, I wouldn’t be leaving, obviously. But it does give me an opportunity to be the head guy and I’m excited about that.”

Bicknell said the hardest part is leaving the players he coached.

“You’re in there what seems like 24 hours a day sometimes. You’re around them more than your own kids or wife or anybody else. They’re just fantastic people - great character, great friends. That’s the thing I’ve really enjoyed about the NFL. In college, it’s more the coach and the players. Here you have man-to-man relationships, which have been great. They’ve been great to me. You learn a lot from them also by what it takes to prepare at this level. What kind of edge you have to have.

“Every one of those guys, David, Chris, Richie, Shaun, Kareem -- don’t let me leave anybody out -- but the guys that have been here for quite some time all have an edge about them in the way they prepare. That’s something that’s been really good for me to learn. You learn a lot from them. Talking to them about technique, what they think works, those kinds of things. When you play the game at this level for that amount of time you start to realize what it takes to win.”

The Giants have also lost quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan to the offensive coordinator job in Tampa Bay.

• The tweet of the day goes to David Diehl: “It's alright bro. You haven't won a SB since leather helmets. RT @AMRizzo24: @jpeabody23 @davediehl66 Shove it. Go Eagles.”