Tuck holds out hope of Jacobs' return

Could Brandon Jacobs return to the Giants? Justin Tuck hopes so.

"I hear there's still a chance that he might end up being back and you cross your fingers about that," Tuck said on Tuesday evening before he was honored at the Chabad Center for Jewish Discovery’s Founders Dinner Gala in Manhattan. "But you understand the business part of this football that we play. (If Jacobs signs elsewhere) it will be a void that Jerry Reese and the staff needs to fill and I'm sure they're working on that now."

Jacobs was released last week because he and the Giants could not agree on a pay cut to restructure his deal.

Tuck also says that he's feeling good after shoulder surgery.

When asked about the Saints and Bounty Gate, he said, "No comment. I don't pay for the Saints and we don't have bounties."

DIEHL: I'LL PLAY ANYWHERE The Giants are likely going to let right tackle Kareem McKenzie walk in free agency. Will Beatty has been cleared to return at left tackle. All of this means David Diehl could move to left guard or right tackle next season. Since Kevin Boothe played well at left guard, Diehl may find himself at right tackle next season.

Speaking Tuesday evening in Manhattan before he was honored at the Chabad Center for Jewish Discovery’s Founders Dinner Gala, Diehl said he's open to playing any position that will help the Giants.

"Whether it's at left tackle or right tackle, it's no difference to me," Diehl said.

NO DOUBTING THOMAS: Tuck said last season that Terrell Thomas could be a Pro Bowl corner. He believes the same is true for this season.

"(He) gives me a lot of more time up front to go to work," Tuck said of Thomas, who resigned with the Giants on Tuesday. "He's a heck of a corner, heck of a football player, so I'm excited."