Eli jokes he's "third most talked about" QB

Perhaps Eli Manning is already warming up for his upcoming “Saturday Night Live” gig on May 5.

At a a recent panel discussion with Fox News’ Shepard Smith at an Ole Miss event honoring the New York Giants and former Rebels quarterback, a playful Manning cracked about his new standing amongst New York quarterbacks with the arrival of Tim Tebow and all the talk surrounding Jets' quarterbacks Tebow and Mark Sanchez.

“New York Giants just won a championship yet I'm still the third most talked about quarterback in my own city," he deadpanned as laughter erupted at the event at his alma mater.

Manning often says he does not pay attention to what is written or being said about him or the Giants in the media. However, perhaps Manning cannot even escape the intense media scrutiny surrounding Tebow and how the Jets’ newest quarterback impacts Sanchez.

Not that Manning is complaining. He enjoys flying under the radar and certainly will have enough spotlight around him when he hosts “SNL” and receives his Super Bowl ring at Tiffany next month.

“I am looking forward to it,” Manning said last week about following in his brother Peyton’s footsteps and appearing on “Saturday Night Live.” “‘Saturday Night Live’ will be fun and it will be a new experience for me."

"Right now, I am probably more anxious than anything just to kind of figure out what I might be doing," he added. "I might be doing something that is a little bit out of my character or uncomfortable. But I’m looking forward to just working hard that week and having a lot of laughs and being prepared.”

Manning certainly had people in attendance laughing at the event at Ole Miss, which recently honored Manning with a speed limit set at his No. 10 jersey number.