Osi cool with Kiwanuka extension


As soon as the news came out that the Giants had given Mathias Kiwanuka a three-year contract extension, many wondered how Osi Umenyiora would feel.

Umenyiora says he is happy for his teammate and friend.

"Happy for Kiwi, he deserves it for sure," Umenyiora wrote in an email. "Especially all he has been through. A very good player. Honestly, it's a good, smart business move by the Giants. Take care of a good player and buy some insurance at the same time. Very well done."

But how will it impact Umenyiora's future? As Umenyiora says, the Giants did the smart thing, locking up Kiwanuka for a few more years with an extension worth $21.75 million through 2015 which includes an $8.5 million signing bonus and a total of $10.95 million in guaranteed money, according to reports. The New York Daily News first noticed the Kiwanuka extension.

Remember, Umenyiora has been asking for a new deal for years and sat out the first two weeks of camp last summer before later opting for minor knee surgery. He still had nine sacks in the regular season and another 3.5 in the Giants' Super Bowl playoff run.

"How that impacts me remains to be seen, though," Umenyiora said of Kiwanuka's extension. "But I understand why they would do that [extension for Kiwanuka]. It makes sense."

By signing Kiwanuka to an extension, the Giants have insurance in case Umenyiora doesn't return or if Justin Tuck or Jason Pierre-Paul were to get injured. Kiwanuka is still considered a hybrid linebacker/defensive end but he could see more snaps at pass rusher depending on Umenyiora's future, the addition of linebacker Keith Rivers and Dave Tollefson's departure in free agency.

Umenyiora will likely be watching the draft tonight and this weekend to see if he gets traded. We'll have to see what happens if the Giants draft another defensive end.