Rookie camp preview: David Wilson

With rookie camp set to begin next weekend, now's a good time to take a look at Scouts Inc.'s breakdown of each New York Giants' draft pick leading up to next Friday's camp. First up, first-round pick David Wilson. Tomorrow: Second-round pick Rueben Randle.


What he brings: "An explosive back with excellent top-end speed and runs with great determination. However, Wilson needs to improve in terms of vision, patience and ball security. In addition, Wilson is not a natural receiver and lacks versatility, considering his size." - Scouts Inc.

How he fits: "This has a little bit of the feel of a reach pick at a position of need, which isn't really the Giants' way of doing things. Without Brandon Jacobs and with question marks around Ahmad Bradshaw's health and ability to carry the load, the need is for a guy with a complete skill set. While Wilson has good all-around skills, he doesn't dazzle you with power as a runner and he doesn't dazzle you in the passing game. He looks more like a complementary back in an offense that would really like to get back to pounding the ball and controlling the clock." - Scouts Inc.

Tell us what you think of Wilson and whether the Giants reached for need below.