Rookie camp preview: Markus Kuhn

With rookie camp underway, we're taking a look at the last of Scouts Inc.'s breakdown of each New York Giants' draft pick. I'll give you my own first-impression analysis of the guys when I see them up close today and tomorrow.

Here's Scouts Inc.'s breakdown of seventh-round pick Markus Kuhn.


What he brings: “He's an above-average athlete for his size, but he needs to get stronger and has had some problems staying healthy. He has some off-the-field red flags.” – Scouts Inc.

Ohm’s take: I’m not really sure what the “off-the-field red flags” are that Scouts Inc. refers to but my guess is his age (26) and the fact that the German learned the game overseas and is still learning about the sport could be the concerns.

"He’s really still learning the game," said Marc Ross, Giants director of college scouting. "The first football game he saw was one he played in, over in the States. He didn’t know much about college football or anything."

"He’s big and strong," Ross continued. "Tough guy, that you need on the team. Ran 4.9 at the combine. He’s a straight-line fast guy so we think he can run down on kickoffs. Again, when we get this late in the draft we look for special things that guys can do and he’s big and strong and can run fast and he plays hard."

If the seventh-round pick makes the team, he provides the Giants with depth at defensive tackle behind Chris Canty, Linval Joseph, Marvin Austin and Shaun Rogers. The Giants also have Dwayne Hendricks as well.

Tell us what you think of Kuhn and the team's outlook at defensive tackle below.