Osi wishes McCoy a "Happy Mother's Day"

It didn't take Osi Umenyiora long to say something about LeSean McCoy on Twitter.

After recently joining the Twitter universe, Umenyiora tweeted this on Mother's Day: "Happy Mothers Day Lesean Mccoy! Enjoy your special day!!"

Remember, there is Twitter beef between the two NFC East foes. Last summer, Umenyiora referred to the Eagles running back as "Lady Gaga" and "she" after McCoy tweeted that the defensive end is "overrated" and "soft" and the third-best defensive lineman on the Giants.

On Sunday, McCoy tweeted, "Lol let the beef begin." Here's the full story.

In the meantime, Happy Mother's Day to all and tell us what you think of Osi's Happy Mother's Day greeting tweet to Shady McCoy below.