Coughlin discusses rookies and pass rush

SAN FRANCISCO –- Tom Coughlin discussed his philosophy about bringing along rookies like David Wilson and what's wrong with the Giants' pass rush in a weekly sit down with Giants.com.

If you are always wondering why Wilson and Rueben Randle don't play more, Coughlin explained his view on playing rookies.

"It's patience and it's the fact that they have to understand you've got to keep communicating to them," Coughlin said in his weekly interview with Giants.com's Michael Eisen. "What are the hurdles toward getting the opportunity to play? For each position, it's different and so in this case, it's a couple of very skilled athletes that have a lot of particular abilities.

"But you have to understand until you gain the knowledge of a wealth of responsibilities, your chances of playing are not there. ... But when you do capture that, these two are certainly gifted enough."

Many have been wondering what's wrong with the Giants' pass rush heading into the San Francisco game.

"The quick game is there and then the max protection-type schemes are there," the coach said. "And the max-protection schemes are still affording the quarterback to get rid of the ball in time. Very rarely does he stand back and hold it.

"But that doesn't stop you from getting to the quarterback and that's what we're trying to encourage our guys to understand," he continued. "It doesn't matter if it's three-step (drop). It doesn't matter whether it's five. If you are fortunate enough and even if you're not, if you're going to get some kind of protection where there are two people that are coming your way, you're still working your tail off to win it, to beat them.

"But first things first and in this regard, we play by attacking and we need to penetrate more. We need to do some things that are north-south and not east-west."