Jerry won't be kicking Tuck's 'posterior'

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Justin Tuck and the Giants know all about Jerry Jones' comment inviting Dallas fans to "watch us beat the Giants' ass" this Sunday.

The Giants defensive end told Dallas reporters on a conference call that Jones can suit up this Sunday if he wants to.

"I don't play Jerry," Tuck said according to ESPNDallas.com. "If he wants to put on a jersey and line up, I'll welcome that.

"But I don't think Jerry is going to be doing any kicking of my posterior."

Outside of having fun and firing back at DeAngelo Hall's comments about gifting Eli Manning's 77-yard touchdown, the Giants pretty much said all the right things today about the Cowboys.

The Giants gave credit to Dallas for handling them in the season opener.

"We didn’t’ play our best ball obviously, but they have a lot to do with that," Tuck said. "They played pretty good. They skinned us pretty good."

The Giants were banged up entering that game, especially in the secondary. But this time, the Cowboys are the ones limping in. Linebacker Sean Lee was placed on IR and running backs DeMarco Murray (foot) and Felix Jones (knee), linebacker DeMarcus Ware (illness) and center Phil Costa (ankle) were among those who did not practice on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Giants are getting healthier with fewer players showing up on the injury report. Just don't tell that to Tuck.

“You ever see a wounded leopard?" Tuck asked. "You can go to National Geographic because they say it’s one of most dangerous animals in the wild is a wounded leopard. That’s how I approach it when teams have some guys banged up. They are going to come out giving you their best shot.

"I am not going to feel sorry for them if that’s where you’re going with that," Tuck continued. "Nobody in this league cares who is hurt. Like I said, when one of our guys goes down we expect that next guy to go in and fill it in. A prime example, Stevie Brown. He came in and made plays. I am sure down there they have guys licking their chops to get the opportunity to play against us.”