Coordinators ready for Dallas

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Each Thursday, Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride and defensive coordinator Perry Fewell speak with reporters.

Here are some highlights from this week's sessions:


• Gilbride was asked about the Giants' 24-17 loss to the Cowboys in Week 1, and if Dallas didn't see their best football back then:

"I hope so. I certainly hope so. I think we’re a little healthier. I think we can play better. I think we played better as the game went on, unfortunately we got started slowly.

"I think they’re very good. I think they have an outstanding pass rush; they went out and spent a lot of money to get two terrific corners. They’ve got a lot of athletes that match up well against us and in fact, their design was to effectively keep us in check. It’s going to be a challenge."

• During the Giants' win over the Redskins last Sunday, running back Ahmad Bradshaw complained to head coach Tom Coughlin about his lack of carries.

"Have you met a runner that doesn’t want the ball more?" said Gilbride, when asked about Bradshaw's complaints. "Have you ever seen a pass receiver who doesn’t want the ball thrown more? They all do. We just do what’s working best. We weren’t running the ball very well, so we’re always going to do what we’re doing well. We were averaging eight yards a pass attempt and averaging three on the run. We’re always going to do what’s most effective."

• Speaking of running backs, Gilbride was also asked about second-year fullback Henry Hynoski:

"He’s playing great football for us. We would love to use him more, but sometimes they gang up on that particular personnel group and make it more challenging to do certain things.

"In terms of his individual play, he’s been terrific. He blocks very, very well. ... And when we’ve given him the ball a few times, which we haven’t given it to him a lot, he’s always come through for us and gotten three or four yards."


• Fewell was asked if his defense is more in sync than it was in the Week 1 loss to the Cowboys:

"Oh definitely. I think we are more in sync. We still have a couple of guys on the sideline that we’ll get back in the next one or two weeks. We are getting healthier. I expect us to play better as the time goes on."

• Defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul has just 4.5 sacks through the first seven games of the season, after collecting 16.5 a year ago. But Fewell said the numbers don't tell the whole story.

"JPP plays at a very high level. When we watch him every week, he plays at a pretty high level every week. For him to have the numbers ... to produce those numbers consistently, that’s a little bit unrealistic. He has the capability to do that. When I look at the tape, I see him just dominate, and it might not show up in the statistics, but it shows up on the coaches tape where he just dominates a football game."

• Fewell was also asked about middle linebacker Chase Blackburn:

"Chase is really the key to our success because he’s the quarterback of our defense. He plays, and he gets everyone lined up, he gets everyone on the same page, and makes sure they have the proper coverages and getting the guys up front doing the things they should be doing. In addition to that, he plays his technique and responsibility. I think Chase has been playing very steady for us."

• Finally, Fewell was asked about the return of defensive tackle Chris Canty last week, after missing the first six games of the season:

"I am just happy to have him back. He’s a big man there in the middle for us. It just looks different when the offensive linemen have to block him because it doesn’t move as fast. Chris only played 20-25 plays last week and he was a little rusty. There was one play that he could’ve made and he would’ve made a tackle for a loss, but the guy gained three or four yards on it because he didn’t wrap it up. You could tell he was a little rusty on some of the plays and some of the blocks he was getting. I think you’ll see him get much better quicker because he’s a veteran and he knows how to play."