Rolle: 'It is either fight or flight'

The New York Giants sound exhausted trying to figure out what their problem is with their maddeningly inconsistent play.

Safeties Antrel Rolle, Kenny Phillips and Osi Umenyiora hit the radio waves today struggling to find answers for the Giants’ 34-0 no-show in Atlanta on Sunday. At times you could actually hear the exasperated Giants players let out sighs of frustrations between answers.

"As a team there is something we need to fix," Rolle said on his weekly spot on WFAN radio. "And we have to fix it right now. There is no tomorrow."

Listen to Kenny Phillips on 98.7:

Play"For us it is either fight or flight," Rolle added. "There’s nothing left to be said at this point. If you want it, you got to go out and take it."

The problem with the Giants is that nobody seems to know which team they will be from week to week.

"For whatever reason, this week we could probably be the best team in the NFL and this week could possibly be the worst team in the NFL," Rolle said. "I am definitely a part of it. I still can’t figure out what it is."

Phillips didn’t play during last Sunday’s rout due to an injured knee. From afar, he saw a team that lacked fire, energy and passion.

"I think that's why all of us at the organization are scratching our heads," Phillips said on ESPN New York 98.7. "We can't figure out why one week we come out, we have that fire in our eyes and the next week not so much."

"It's not that we're not practicing hard," Phillips later continued. "It's not that guys are not buying into it, but for some reason, since I've been here the last over four or five years, that's just how it's been. Up and down, up and down. I hate to say it, (but) I think a lot of the guys have gotten used to it. And we win when we have to. When we don't have to, we kind of just go out there flat."

If the Giants want to make the playoffs, they’ll have to win the final two games of the season to ensure that, starting with this Sunday’s game at Baltimore. Win out and they are in at the very least as a wild card team.

Umenyiora was asked on The Michael Kay Show if there’s a part of him that wonders if the Giants are just not good enough this year.

After a long pause, the defensive end said, "No."

"We’re just too inconsistent," he said on ESPN New York 98.7. "For the life of me I cannot understand how we can play so well one week and then next week play so bad. I don’t understand. I just have a feeling we will find a way to get it done."

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