Jacobs not happy with new helmet rule

Starting this season, NFL players will no longer be allowed to lower the head and use the crown of the helmet to deliver blows to opposing players.

Former Giants running back Brandon Jacobs was none too pleased to hear that the rule passed by an overwhelming 31-1 vote on Wednesday as the league continues to try to improve player safety.

Jacobs, a back who takes pride in trucking defenders, took to Twitter and tweeted his displeasure.

"How the f--- can we protect ourselves," Jacobs tweeted. "They ought to make a rule saying they cant hit us in our legs while we are ingaged with a defender."

Jacobs later tweeted, "Get your daughters ready because they'll be playing football soon!!!!!"

The concern by coaches and players is how the rule will be officiated during games, since running backs initiate contact often by lowering the boom with their helmets.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin said he is in favor of the "overall concept of taking (away) the crown of the head and the very improper positions that some people get themselves in, be it competitively or not, because I don't like the idea of some kind of consequence."

"When they looked at the tape, according to what we were told yesterday, they would have six plays a weekend which at the end of the season adds up to a lot of numbers," Coughlin later explained to reporters Wednesday at the league meetings. "So it does reinforce the idea of: Get out in front of this before something tragic happens. That's what the league is really trying to do."

Still, Jacobs and other running backs around the league aren't happy.

"Our head are connected to our shoulders," Jacobs tweeted. "There's no such thing, you can't drop your shoulders without our heads."

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