Coughlin ranks 14th on ESPN's all-time list

No. 14 - Tom Coughlin (1:40)

Michael Strahan, Carnell Lake, Mark Brunell, Bill Parcells and Tiki Barber discuss why Tom Coughlin is one of the greatest NFL coaches in history (1:40)

ESPN is celebrating the 100th anniversary of Vince Lombardi's birth with its "Greatest Coaches in NFL History" series.

A panel of experts voted on a top 20 list and Tom Coughlin comes in at No. 14. And our Ashley Fox talked to Eli Manning about a "unique moment" Eli shared with Coughlin after their second Super Bowl victory together.

Manning described how he walked into Coughlin's office after the game. The two immediately began to analyze what they should've done on their final drive to milk more clock against the Patriots, who let Ahmad Bradshaw tumble into the end zone to save time.

Here's a snippet of Manning on Coughlin. In it, Eli gives us a glimpse of his relationship with the only pro head coach he has ever had:

So after the game, Coach Coughlin and I started analyzing it. We knew they were going to let us score. Do you take a knee? Do you kick a field goal? Do you try to score? We start dissecting that, thinking into it. I threw in my theory. He gave me his theory. What's the best possible way? It was a unique situation. You've got to score. You don't want to settle for a field goal in that situation. How do you possibly handle that situation if it ever happens again? We do situations on Saturdays. That would be a good situation to think about and go over.

And I think he's ingrained that in me, to always be planning, always be thinking, and to be prepared for every situation. You watch things happen, whether it happens to you or another team, and you learn from it and you can be prepared for it. He wanted to talk about what happened at the end of that game, but I did, too. We shook hands and hugged and took that moment to smile and enjoy it, and then I kind of said, "Hey, that situation at the end, we didn't talk about it on the sideline prior to if they let us score, what do you do?"

So, tell us, where would you rank Coughlin amongst the top coaches of all time? Let us know below.