Steppin' to the AM: Back to work

A frustrated Tom Coughlin made it clear to reporters that he wants his team to focus on getting back to work.

The Giants clearly have to work to do in the red zone since they are having issues punching the ball into the end zone. Also, they have to clean up the penalties and block better. There are only three practices this week before Saturday's big dress rehearsal in the third preseason game against the Jets.

Coughlin wants his team to feel as it it has much to prove and get away from reading the clippings.

In case you missed it: Victor Cruz is going to miss time in practice, starting today. He has a bruised heel and I'd be surprised if we saw him play again this preseason. There really is no reason to play him again until the season opener. Let Cruz heal.

The 411: The schedule is different today. The Giants will have a later practice today from 3:25-5:25. And then the defensive backs, quarterbacks and special teams players will sign autographs afterward.