Big Blue Morning: Tom Coughlin speaks

Before we start today, I'd like to address something I wrote in Tuesday's Big Blue Morning post. While making a point about the John Jerry signing and the benefit of the doubt the New York Giants receive relative to other teams in the NFL's court of public opinion, I used a poorly-chosen colloquialism. I could and should have made the point without it, and I wish I had. I know there's a segment of my readership that believes, when I write something critical of the Giants, that it's because of some personal animosity toward them. It is not, but that's beside the point. Whether I'm being critical or complimentary, I always strive to do it with the highest degree of professionalism. I regret that the phrase I used here Tuesday did not live up to that standard.

As for today, our NFL Nation Jets writer, Rich Cimini, is down in Orlando at the owners meetings and sat in on Tom Coughlin's media session this morning at the NFC coaches' breakfast. Rich will have updates on that, and I will offer analysis throughout the day on a few of the items Coughlin discussed. Just from reading some of the Twitter coverage, it appears Coughlin described the significant roster turnover this offseason as "necessary," which jives with the manner in which we've been discussing it here. He also appears to have said the offense will be significantly different under new coordinator Ben McAdoo and that new cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie will get the weekly assignment of covering the opposing team's best receiver.

So, lots to sort through, and I will do it all for you as the day goes along. It's the first time we've heard from Coughlin in a couple of months, and a lot has happened in that time.