Big Blue Morning: Back to work

Good morning. The New York Giants, along with every other NFL team that didn't hire a new head coach this offseason, begin their offseason workout program today. It is the first time players can work out at the team facility under the supervision of their coaches, though for the next two weeks they can only do so under these strict guidelines:

  • All workouts are voluntary, and there are a maximum of four per week.

  • The only coaches that can be on the field are strength and conditioning coaches, as physical activity is supposed to be limited to strength and conditioning work for the first two weeks.

  • Players can be on the field for no more than 90 minutes in a given workout day, and teams can only specify two hours per workout day for the players to be at the facility for meetings, etc. The rest of the time they spend there is at their discretion.

  • No contact whatsoever in drills.

After two weeks, the rest of the coaching staff is allowed on the field and some more drills are permitted. But the Giants don't begin OTA workouts until May 26, and their mandatory minicamp is June 17-19. So this is really just a stretch-your-way-into-it kind of thing this week.

The Giants are making some players available to the media for a couple of hours on Tuesday afternoon, so we'll have plenty to report from that. Lots of new people to interview, plus we'll surely check in on key rehab guys like Eli Manning and Will Beatty if we can.