Giants Saturday draft reset

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- An hour from now, the fourth round of the NFL draft will begin. The draft will conclude sometime this afternoon or evening once through seven rounds. The New York Giants have the following four picks remaining, barring any trades today that change the number:

  • Fourth round, No. 13 (113 overall)

  • Fifth round, No. 12 (152 overall)

  • Fifth round, No. 34 (174 overall)

  • Sixth round, No. 11 (187 overall)

The Giants do not have a seventh-round pick, because they traded it to the Carolina Panthers for Jon Beason during the 2013 season. Their extra fifth-rounder is a compensatory selection that resulted from free-agent activity during the 2012 offseason. Compensatory picks cannot be traded.

Obviously, there's no way to predict with any accuracy who the Giants will take with any of these picks (though you are welcome to go through the list of best remaining available players and find the ones who were team captains in college). But here are some thoughts on positions the Giants may or may not address on the final day:

Safety. Antrel Rolle is entering the final year of his deal, Stevie Brown is coming back from ACL surgery and Will Hill is facing a third drug suspension in as many years. Cooper Taylor is the only safety they have locked up beyond 2014 right now. Minnesota's Brock Vereen and LSU's Craig Loston are the two highest-rated available safeties right now according to our scouts.

Running back. They always seem to take one somewhere, and they don't believe they can have enough depth at running back. Florida State's Devonta Freeman and Boston College's Andre Williams are the top two left on this board.

Pass rusher. Seems weird they haven't taken one (though they'd happily tell you that third-rounder Jay Bromley got 10 sacks from the defensive tackle position last year at Syracuse), but this isn't a great draft for pass-rushers. Not too many inspiring names left on this list or this list.

Tight end. I don't see it. If they really felt they needed a tight end, they'd have taken one already. At this point, why take a fourth-round tight end when you already have one of those, in Adrien Robinson, who's been in your building for a couple of years already and you want to see what he's got? But if you really want the list, here. Fresno State's Marcel Jensen and Oregon's Colt Lyerla are the top names left on it.