"My Fantasy" Week 17 Giants vs Redskins mailbag

Since most of the fantasy championship games were played last week, we are going with an abbreviated version of “My Fantasy” this week. We do realize some of you are still playing so we answered your questions in the mailbag below. And thanks for letting us be a part of your fantasy season. Always feel free to tweet any questions at @NotoriousOHM. Good luck!

As for who we recommend to play in the Giants-Redskins game this week, here are some names that may help.


QB Eli Manning -– Interceptions are killers but he should throw for two touchdowns against Redskins defense.

RB Ahmad Bradshaw -– He had two TDs vs Redskins earlier this month. Good RB2/flex option.

RB Brandon Jacobs -– He had two TDs as well vs Redskins last time. We’d consider him as a flex option.

WR Mario Manningham -– Now the top receiver with Hakeem Nicks out.

WR Derek Hagan -– Now the No. 2 WR and he had seven catches for 65 yards against Redskins last time. Good PPR WR3/flex option.

TE Kevin Boss -– Eli will need to throw to someone.

Giants Defense -– Worthy of a start against the Redskins.


RB Ryan Torain, WR Santana Moss, WR Anthony Armstrong.

My Fantasy” mailbag

@davidMilowitz: Need some help: Greg Jennings, Dwayne Bowe, Vincent Jackson, Pierre Garçon. Bradshaw, Rashad Jennings, Ryan Mathews, Ronnie Brown. I have two RB spots, two WR spots and a flex. Thanks in advance for your help and your comments throughout the year.

@NotoriousOHM: I’d play Jennings, Garcon and then Jackson or Bowe at flex. At RB, I’d go Mathews if Mike Tolbert is out and Jennings if MJD is out. If Tolbert or MJD play, I’d start Bradshaw as one of the RBs. Make sure all these players are active since it is the final Sunday. Good luck!

@AFeingold: Where do you rank Nicks among the top 10 Fantasy WR for next season?

@NotoriousOHM: I would have him a level under the elite group of Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson and Roddy White. I’d put Nicks somewhere toward the end of that very next level of receivers.

@EaglesPhan99: $500 question: Boss or Vernon Davis at tight end? Three wide receivers: Brandon Marshall, Bowe, Jennings, Larry Fitzgerald. Two running backs: Michael Bush, Jennings, Darren McFadden, Knowshon Moreno, LeGarrette Blount.

@NotoriousOHM: I’d go Davis at TE. At receiver I’d start Marshall, Bowe and Jennings. And at RB, I’d go Bush (McFadden is inactive) and Jennings, especially if MJD doesn’t play. Good luck!

@LUNYG: Where did you finish in fantasy football this year?

@NotoriousOHM: Unfortunately, my bid for a three-peat in one league ended in the semifinals and I lost in the championship game in my other league after starting 0-3 in that league. Painful offseason ahead of me. Sigh. On to the fantasy basketball season now.

@JGallo02: Do you start Matt Forte, Santonio Holmes or Ahmad Bradshaw this week?

@NotoriousOHM: I’d go with Bradshaw to be safe in case they don’t play Forte and Holmes as much. Good luck!