Coughlin discusses SB 48 and future

At Wednesday’s Super Bowl celebration press conference, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was asked if he’d consider re-election now in 2013 with the Super Bowl coming to New Jersey in 2014.

Christie joked this gives him incentive.

Which leads us to Giants coach Tom Coughlin, who signed a four-year deal in 2008.

Coughlin has two more seasons left on his contract. So, when a question began with Christie’s re-election comment and whether that would lead Coughlin to consider his own future, the head coach interrupted and finished the question himself.

“To have to look for re-election?” Coughlin asked with a smile. “I think we will start with next year… 2010. Let’s go hard and look hard at that first.”

In a Q&A with The Florida Times-Union, Coughlin was asked if he can see himself coaching beyond his contract while he was in Jacksonville for his annual celebrity golf weekend to benefit his Jay Fund foundation. Coughlin will turn 64 in August.

"I've not really spent a lot of time thinking about that," Coughlin told the Times-Union last week. "I'd say right now I would be. I'd entertain that. Thank God, I'm in good health. I'm excited. I am upset about last year, so the juices are flowing pretty solid. At this point and time, I'm certainly not going to say I won't coach beyond age 65."

Coughlin - like Jets coach Rex Ryan, who also was in attendance – was pumped by New York-New Jersey getting the 2014 Super Bowl.

“Obviously it is an exciting time for everybody,” Coughlin said. “It is the best of times for the fans, to look forward to having a Super Bowl in our part of the world is tremendous.”

And just in case you were wondering about the cold weather deal, here’s what Coughlin said about that.

“One of the finest memories was 24-below zero,” Coughlin said of the Giants’ NFC Championship win in Green Bay during the 2007 season. “I didn’t even realize it was cold in the second half. We played a game at the end of the ‘04 season, our final game, against Dallas here at home and I believe it was in the low 50’s so you can catch a night like that just as well.”