Tuck visits Alabama to aid tornado victims

Justin Tuck returned to his home state on Thursday. But he’s never quite seen Alabama like this.

The Giants defensive end visited Tuscaloosa to help residents who have been impacted by the recent tornadoes that shredded everything in their paths.

“It’s very eye-opening out here,” Tuck said in an interview with Jim Rome on Jim Rome Is Burning. “When I was getting recruited by Alabama, I still remember these places. And now you drive by them and they are no longer there. All you see is rubble and twisted trees and all types of stuff just out of place.”

Tuck is teaming up with JP Morgan Chase to donate $275,000 to assist those affected by the devastation. Chase is giving $150,000 to World Vision and $100,000 to The West Chamber Alabama Foundation in support of the Tuscaloosa Disaster Relief Fund.

Tuck is donating $25,000 to World Vision through his charitable organization, Tuck’s R.U.S.H. for Literacy.

You can tell in his first answer in the video how deeply touched Tuck is by the devastation. He grew up in central Alabama and his family resides about 100 miles away from Tuscaloosa according to the New York Daily News. His sister, Brittany, attends the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa and she avoided injury despite her apartment being just a few blocks away from the path of a tornado that ripped through the area.

“Getting an opportunity to kind of go around and see these places really puts things in perspective,” Tuck said. “This is my home and seeing this is almost devastating just knowing what these people are going through. My sister goes to the University of Alabama and the tornado was maybe 500 yards away from her apartment.”

Over 5,000 residences and businesses in Tuscaloosa County have been destroyed or suffered serious damage and 40 were killed with 12 people still missing.

“It is eye-opening,” Tuck said. “A lot of people down here have a lot of hope, a lot of people are banding together and trying to help each other out and I am just down here trying to do the same.”