Video: The Bossman discusses Eli workouts and plays "Who's that Boss?"

Giants tight end Kevin Boss stopped by home base in Bristol and was a guest on First Take.

He chats with Jay Crawford about Eli Manning’s workouts and plays a game of “Who’s that Boss?” Unfortunately, there's no Alyssa Milano involved from "Who's the Boss?" but the Bossman holds his own.

Even though Manning’s workouts at Hoboken High School (N.J.) are done for now, Boss credited the quarterback with running organized and much-needed workouts.

“It’s different not having coaches there but Eli has done a good job,” Boss said. “He has done a good job of leading us through different drills. He has been the leader for us. It has been a good time just getting us back in the mode of running routes again, hearing the plays called, hearing the terminology, it has been good for us.”

Boss said that the Camp Hoboken might resume the longer the lockout goes.

“We are done with it now but as this lockout continues on, we will probably have to get back together and make it more of a team oriented thing,” he said. “It’s not going to hurt. We needed to get back together in some sort of fashion. Just having everyone together and getting them on the same page, it definitely is important for this time of the year. Hopefully we have training camp, that is two months away.”