Plax attack: Some Giants/Plax stats

June, 7, 2011
With the release of Plaxico Burress from jail Monday, making him a free agent, we thought it would be a good time to check out some Giants statistics with and without Plax.

All stats including Burress are through Dec. 2, 2008, which was the day of his suspension, which marked a total of 60 regular season games and six playoff games with Big Blue. Even the games in which Burress did not play, in which the Giants were 3-0 in his time, are included. The Giants have played 36 regular season games and one postseason game without Burress.

Giants with Burress: 40-20 (4-2 postseason)
Giants without Burress: 19-17 (0-1 postseason)

Giants with Burress in regular season: 25.03 points per game
Giants without Burress in regular season: 24. 19 points per game
Giants with Burress in playoffs: 17.5 points per game
Giants without Burress in playoffs: 11 points per game

Against playoff teams
Giants with Burress: 9-13 (4-2 postseason)
Giants without Burress: 5-12 (0-1 postseason)

Divisional games
Giants vs. Eagles with Burress: 6-1 (0-1 postseason)
Giants vs. Eagles without Burress: 0-5 (0-1 postseason)
Giants vs. Cowboys with Burress: 3-4 (1-0 postseason)
Giants vs. Cowboys without Burress: 3-2
Giants vs. Redskins with Burress: 6-2
Giants vs. Redskins without Burress: 4-0
Giants vs. NFC East with Burress: 15-7 (1-1 postseason)
Giants vs. NFC East without Burress: 7-7 (0-1 postseason)

Giants vs. AFC with Burress: 10-6 (1-0 postseason)
Giants vs. AFC without Burress: 4-4

Eli 300-yard games
With Plaxico: 7 in 60 regular season games
Without Plaxico: 7 in 36 regular season games

Eli TD and INT
With Plaxico: 90 TD, 63 INT (10 TD, 5 INT postseason)
Without Plaxico: 60 TD, 41 INT (0 TD, 2 INT postseason)

Eli 100+ passer rating
With Plaxico: 12 in 60 regular season games (2 in 6 postseason games)
Without Plaxico: 13 in 36 regular season games (0 in 1 postseason games)

Do these stats prove the Giants need Plax or should they pass? Are you surprised by these numbers? Let us know in the comments below.

Matt Ehalt

ESPN New York contributor



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