Hey Eli, Tiki or Plax?

If given the choice between Plaxico Burress or Tiki Barber returning, Eli Manning thinks the Giants locker room would be more likely to welcome back his former big wide receiver.

Speaking on the Dan Patrick show, Manning was asked which former Giant would be a more welcome addition in the locker room. Both are making comebacks this summer to the football field.

“Probably Plaxico,” Manning said on the show per ProFootballTalk.com. “He has probably fonder memories, winning a Super Bowl, that catch for the touchdown in Super Bowl XLII. Tiki just ended on a bad note. It’s really a shame, he should be remembered as a great Giants running back and a terrific player — because he was — but the way he went out he burned a few bridges... So I think Plaxico would probably be welcomed back a little quicker.”

While at NBC as an analyst, Barber was critical at times of Manning and Tom Coughlin. Not long after Barber announced his comeback, the Giants said they would release the running back to give him an opportunity elsewhere.

Of course, Burress recently spoke of his frosty relationship with Coughlin as well. But several Giants have come out and said they want Burress back with the Giants.

Manning remembers that when he responded to Barber's criticism of his leadership, the quarterback earned points with his teammates.

“I responded back and I think guys liked to see that from me,” Manning said. “I didn’t want it to be a deal where it’s me vs. Tiki... but I couldn’t just sit there and do nothing.”