Weekend mailbag: Giants, date movies and grenades

We had an overload of questions in our chat this week so here are some of the lockout leftovers to entertain you this weekend while you wait for football to begin:

Kevin (NYC): If the Giants can’t re-sign Kiwi or Cofield, and then Osi holds out, we're looking at a D-line that will be starting JPP and Joseph/Austin. That scares me a little. Odds of it happening?

OHM: It’s long been thought that Barry Cofield will leave for a bigger contract with so many DTs on the roster already. And if Osi Umenyiora holds out and Mathias Kiwanuka is not re-signed, then yes, Jason Pierre-Paul probably moves up as the starter. And I think you would see, with all these moves, Chris Canty and either Rocky Bernard or Linval Joseph starting inside. I think Marvin Austin, like all rookies, will need more time to adjust. Odds of all this happening? Don’t know but my gut feeling is Kiwanuka will be back.

David (NJ/Brooklyn): Hey Ohm, if Smith is out for an extended time, would this be the irreparable harm the players are suing over, since he did not have the proper medical treatment due to the lockout?

OHM: David, Steve Smith and all other injured players have received the necessary medical treatment during the lockout, just not from team medical staffs. They still rehab under supervision and can see doctors. They just can’t interact with team trainers, coaches, employees, etc.

Bob (Long Island): What's a grenade?

OHM: Um, you gotta watch “Jersey Shore.” Let’s just say if you are at the club with your boys and you are a team player, you’d take one for the team and jump on the grenade. Kind of like being a good wingman. You can also listen to Black Sheep’s “Strobelite Honey” and you’d be in the ballpark.

Austin (Cheeseburger West Side): A grenade is Ohm's wife.

OHM: Nice! Not married… yet. My girl is explosive but she’s far from a grenade.

Danny Ware (NY): I think the Giants should let Jacobs go, and give me a shot. Both Ahmad and myself can catch balls, and Brandon has been making it easy for defenses to take him down, attacking him low. See my production when they allow me to play.

OHM: I think some of us are curious to see what D.J. Ware can do with more extended playing time as the third-down back. But Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs have proven to be a good one-two punch when healthy. Jacobs looked good for a stretch last season with limited carries. If the Giants can find a way to keep both financially, Tom Coughlin has said he could give Jacobs a few more carries this season.

Mark (DC): If I recall, Bill Simmons holds the current chat record on ESPN for going a little over 7 hours... you should try to break that one of these days.

OHM: Mr. Simmons can actually entertain masses for hours. I probably bore my audience after 15 minutes! Now if you want me to create a seven-hour playlist for you of old school rap, R&B and 80's hits, that would be easy.

Tony (Queens): Ohm, which movie should I take my date this Friday to see?

OHM: Tony, I’m a big believer in taking dates to date-type movies. Find a movie that will make her laugh, keep her in a good mood, loosen things up. A lot of my female friends have said they loved “Bridesmaids.” Something along that lines of that or “Bad Teacher” or “Horrible Bosses” and then tell me how the date went and how the movie was! Good luck!

Ryan (NY): Tony: Take her to see “Friends with Benefits” -- that way even if she doesn't want a second date she might have other ideas in her head.

OHM: I like where your head's at. LOL!

Frank (Blackwood, NJ): How do you think all the trash talking between Lady Gaga and the Eagles players will affect our Giants when they play head to head? Will it hurt or help?

OHM: After losing six straight to the Eagles, it can only help in my mind. But to tell you the truth, the Giants were totally pumped up and emotionally into it in both games last year.

Paul Thompson (San Fran): All Giants fans are still suffering from post-Plaxico syndrome. Is this the year Ramses Barden makes us forget Burress?

OHM: I don’t think quite yet. Ramses is coming off an ankle injury and still has Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham and Steve Smith ahead of him while also having to fend off Domenik Hixon, rookie Jerrel Jernigan and Victor Cruz. Give him a bit more time. But it’s going to take a lot to make you forget about Plaxico.

James Harrison (PA): Ohm is the devil and a tyrant.

OHM: My brother might say the same after I’m done with his bachelor’s party this weekend.

RJ (NY): Excited for season 4 of “Jersey Shore” in two weeks? I can't help but get this feeling it's going to be a letdown season... they need a whole new cast in my opinion.

OHM: I hear ya but I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of that crew’s shenanigans. Come on, Snooki and The Situation? Hard to go wrong there.

JIM T (NY): OHM, here is an idea: if the Giants are not able to re-sign Bradshaw, and if indeed Steve Smith is not physically ready for the season, the loss of Bradshaw and a couple of payroll cuts, we could go out for a WR like Vincent Jackson, and have him and Nicks on the outside and Manningham in the slot(which really played well last year in Smith’s absence), and just go with Jacobs and D. Ware.

OHM: Dude, you’ve had too much time on your hands. Even if Bradshaw bolts, I just don’t see that happening. I think Jackson will stay in San Diego or go elsewhere and the Giants would use that money on getting another running back to replace Bradshaw. I just wonder if they’d be cool with Jacobs and Ware as their two top backs. Just don’t see that V-Jax scenario happening brother.

John (Princeton, NJ): If I were Jerry Reese, I would do everything and anything possible to move Rocky Bernard so it was possible to lock up Cofield. Barry is not only deserving but he lost his opportunity last year to cash in and still shows loyalty to the Giants. What do you think?

OHM: I feel you on Cofield. But it might not be easy to move Bernard. And Reese has to re-sign guys like Bradshaw, Kiwanuka, Smith and Kevin Boss. He has two young kids eager to play at DT in last year’s second-round pick, Linval Joseph, and this year’s second-round pick, Marvin Austin. It would be real nice to see the Giants keep Cofield but you got to wonder how it would happen.