Hixon's loss opens doors

Sinorice Moss got a text from Domenik Hixon on Wednesday during the Giants meetings, relaying the news that the wide receiver was out for the season with an ACL tear. Moss was stunned.

But at the same time, the Giants will need to find a replacement for Hixon in the receiving rotation and, more importantly with punt returns.

“I always have that same mindset, when he was still here,” Moss said. “Having the opportunity to do anything on the team -- it was going to from special teams to playing wide receiver, I’m always preparing myself ever since I got here.”

Special teams coordinator Tom Quinn said that it would be difficult to replace Hixon, in part because of his demeanor in meetings and his work ethic, but also due to his versatility.

“He is a return specialist but he is also a very good cover guy on kickoff and punts, so you really have to replace four positions,” said Quinn.

Moss is one of the players who will vie for more playing time this season, with Chad Jones, Aaron Ross and Mario Manningham.

“This is an opportunity for someone to step up and be recognized in that role, certainly, and all of the special teams roles,” Coughlin said. “Domenik was always very much involved in our receiving corps, as well. There were many days you guys watched that he looked to be the best receiver on the field. But this is an opportunity for someone. And we challenge the guys to be able to take advantage of that.”