Herzlich celebrates birthday with a sack

Mark Herzlich would love to go to the Boston College season opener against Northwestern on Saturday like fellow former BC standout Chris Snee.

But Herzlich has something a bit more important to tend to on Saturday. The Giants will make their final cuts on Saturday to cut the roster down to 53 and Herzlich hopes to make the squad as an undrafted rookie linebacker.

“Chris Snee has a little bit different schedule than me,” Herzlich said with a smile. “I don’t think he’s worried about his phone ringing on Saturday.”

“We got to be available to go into the facility so I will be around there and after whatever the cut-off is, I might come up to see if I can catch the end of it but it doesn’t look like I will be able to make it,” he added.

Herzlich doesn’t mind missing the BC game. The game he really wants to be at is on Sept. 11 when the Giants open the season against the Redskins.

Herzlich had a sack in his final preseason audition. Clint Sintim’s season-ending injury certainly will help his chances of making the squad but he’s taking nothing for granted.

“No, nothing is guaranteed,” Herzlich said. “It’s like recess in elementary school. We got to act well to get recess. Your teacher always says it’s a privilege. Playing in the NFL is a privilege. Nothing is guaranteed. It might not be there tomorrow. It might be there tomorrow.”

Herzlich says his football skills are coming back after he missed the entire 2009 season with a rare form of bone cancer.

He admits that the next 48 hours will be anxious ones.

“It will be never-wracking but at the same time it is kind of like anything that I do, you try to put it all out there and then there are things that you can control and you can’t control,” Herzlich said. “Right now, I can’t control what happens. Tonight was my last opportunity to prove something. If I did great… if I didn’t, then that means I have to work harder to try to make another team.”

Herzlich celebrated his 24th birthday on Thursday playing against the Patriots in front of friends and family. He hopes he will have something bigger to celebrate on Saturday.

When asked how he would grade his preseason, Herzlich replied, “I’ll let Mr. [Jerry] Reese grade my preseason. All I know is I gave it my all.”