Grant: 'Too many basic mistakes in zone'

Deon Grant wants the Giants to man up.

But injuries have dictated otherwise.

So, with the Giants playing a lot more zone coverage than they usually do, they got exploited by the Redskins -- yes, the Redskins -- during Sunday’s 28-14 loss.

“How we got beat and how that tight end (Fred Davis) got all those yards (105) was that in zone coverage, we didn’t have the proper drops,” Grant said. “It’s that simple. ... There were too many basic mistakes in our zone coverage. When we did play man-to-man, we did make plays. But we had too many basic mistakes in our zone.”

According to Tom Coughlin, the Giants secondary gave Redskins receivers too much cushion. And that’s how you get beat for 305 yards and two touchdowns from journeyman Rex Grossman.

Antrel Rolle said the secondary lacked urgency.

“I’m not sure about that,” Coughlin said. “I do know on the fourth-and-5 it looked like were were off a little more than we would’ve coached it. We weren’t ven able to get up there and keep it at five.”

Coughlin said the team had implemented both man-to-man and zone coverages into its defensive scheme going in, but opted to lean more toward zone coverage in the second half.

“We didn’t play a whole lot of man in the first half, but in order to incorporate some of the pressures you wanna put in, you gotta play some man coverage.”

Grant said he didn’t want to give away the team’s future adjustments going forward, but he did say the Giants have played the Redskins “differently” in the past, meaning more man-to-man coverage.”

“We had to, we had to,” Grant said. “We don’t have as many guys as we did last year, so we had to be very conservative as to what we could throw at them. ... Last year we played them more man-to-man. ... I don’t wanna throw it out there, but we definitely played them differently.”