Rolle hopes Ross comes back with swagger

Antrel Rolle understands why the Giants coaching staff decided to briefly bench Aaron Ross.

Rolle hopes that the move will spark the cornerback to come back and play with an edge.

“I told Ross keep your head in, you are going to get back in this game, when you get back in play with swag, play with attitude,” Rolle said on WFAN radio. “That is when you get your best results. Make plays on the ball, be the player that we all know you can be.”

“I don’t feel it was a bad move for the coaches at that time,” Rolle added. “It wasn’t like they pulled him for the entire game. They just probably pulled him to let him get his feet under him and let him get his mind right.”

Ross has struggled at times as a starter in place of the injured Terrell Thomas. The Rams’ Danario Alexander had two receptions of 68 yards and 35 yards during the game. Ross was briefly benched for Michael Coe.

“Aaron made a couple nice plays on the sideline on one that was a fade stop ball that was a behind the shoulder ball that he defended very well,” Tom Coughlin said. “There are some technical things that can be improved on when in fact the players do get a chance to look at a limited amount of snaps from this game yesterday.”

“I just think that you have to learn and you have to get better as a result of it and you have to go forward,” the head coach added. “There are many mistakes out there on the field that we have to correct and we will do that in a positive way because we won, but nevertheless, they all need to be addressed and we will do that.”