Miscommunication? Or did they just stop?

Was it a miscommunication? Or did they stop playing?

Depends on who you ask.

Either way, the miscue between Antrel Rolle and Aaron Ross which led to Doug Baldwin’s game-winning 27-yard touchdown catch with 2:37 remaining shouldn’t have happened.

But it did, and here’s how.

Rolle and Ross were next to each other -- Rolle to the inside and Ross to the outside. Rolle was covering Baldwin at the start of the play, while Ross had Ben Obomanu.

But at the snap of the ball, Rolle dropped back and went outside to cover Obomanu. Unfortunately, so did Phillips, leaving Baldwin wide open for an easy catch in the seam.

Away from that mishap, Osi Umenyiora had jumped offsides.

Ross took the blame, saying it was miscommunication. Head coach Tom Coughlin agreed, but Rolle seemed to be affected by the penalty.

”The slot guy ran a seam right up the hole free,” Ross said. “Me and Antrel jumped the same guy, the outside guy. I guess it was bad communication. It had nothing to do with the flag, at all. Just bad communication.”

Said Coughlin: “I don’t think there was confusion. You got to keep playing. We had done that earlier in the day and they blew the whistle. This time they didn’t blow the whistle. Play stands.”

Said Umenyiora: “We heard the whistle but regardless, you can’t stop playing. That is what we are coached. Unfortunately we didn’t do that.

“We’ve been taught to keep on playing no matter what. I guess we just didn’t on that play.”

Said Rolle: “Yeah. It was a miscommunication. Just a busted play, no matter how you look at it. You know you gotta keep playing until the whistle is blown, and at the end of the day you've gotta be on the same page at the same time, and we weren't. So that was the outcome.

“The whistle had definitely blown, but at the end of the day you have to play throughout the whistle.”

• The Giants couldn’t run the ball on Sunday. What else is new?

They ran the ball 25 times for a grand total of 69 yards, or 2.8 per carry.

Ahmad Bradshaw, who was supposed to pick up the slack with Brandon Jacobs out, amassed just 58 of those yards on a season-high 17 attempts.

“They’re gonna play eight guys down in the box, and they’re gonna have safeties filling, but there’s no excuse for it,” David Diehl said. “When you play a team at home and you’re playing a team like this, you’ve gotta run the football and have to have success with it.”

Said Will Beatty: “It is something that teams are coming after us. Eight in the box, they are going to try to the best that they can to stop us from running. As New York Giants football, that is how we win games, by pounding it. We kept shooting ourselves in the foot.”

• Another week. Another bad game by the Giants rush defense.

After allowing 333 yards combined to Philadelphia and Arizona the previous two weeks, the Giants gave up 145 yards on 29 carries to the Seahawks, who came into the game with the second-worst rush offense in the NFL. And that can’t happen.