Any regret on Tweets 'Lady Gaga?' Nope

Asking Eagles running back LeSean McCoy if he had any regrets about what he tweeted Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora over the summer is like asking Lady Gaga if she had any regrets about wearing a meat dress or hatching from an egg.


So what if McCoy called Umenyiora “overrated” while Umenyiora was in a bitter contract dispute? So what if he called Umenyiora the “third-best” defensive end on the Giants?

It’s true, after all.

“Regret? I don’t regret [anything] I say or do, because I’m an honest person,” McCoy said after the Eagles’ 17-10 victory over Umenyiora and the Giants. “I’m loyal. I’m respectful. Any more questions about Osi? I can answer them for you.”

Umenyiora walked out of the Giants’ locker room with his headphones on, and failed to talk to reporters after the game. On Friday, he said what McCoy had tweeted was “unforgivable.”

“He ran his mouth. He crossed the line that shouldn't have been crossed,” said Umenyiora, who responded by calling McCoy “Lady Gaga” and “she” on Twitter in June. “I think this week, if he was going to say something, [it] should have been the week he said some things like that. I'm not really concerned about that. I'll see him on the football field and we'll go from there.”

Problem was, the two barely even saw each other.

“He wasn’t really in the game that much, so I didn’t really get a chance to talk to him,” McCoy said.

While Umenyiora recorded just three tackles, McCoy went for 113 yards on 23 carries and became the first Eagles' running back to ever go over the 1,000-yard mark in the first 10 games of a season.

“I’m happy he’s healthy and I want each player to be healthy playing this game,” McCoy said. “Best of luck to him and his team.”