Rolle still seething over Eagles loss

Antrel Rolle is still steaming over the loss to the Eagles. On Tuesday, he did his weekly radio hit with WFAN radio and the safety believes the Giants have to go into games with a better mentality, the same one that lifted them to a win in New England three weeks ago.

“The truth of the matter is, that team [Philadelphia] is a good team and I respect the Eagles, I respect them for what they are and their coach and their organization and staff,” Rolle said on WFAN. “But do they compare to us? Maybe. Are they better than us? Not at all. That is the thing that really gets under my skin. Give yourself a chance. That team, there’s no way we should have lost that game Sunday night. There’s no way we should have lost a few of the games that we lost. Enough is enough man.”

Rolle and several Giants defensive players were seething Monday after their 17-10 loss to the Eagles for not coming out with more intensity and attitude and allowing the desperate Eagles to take it to them.

“I never made a statement about the toughness of our team, neither do I question the toughness of our team,” Rolle said. “I know our team is extremely tough. Now was that toughness displayed Sunday night? I can honestly say that they [the Eagles] were the toughest of the two teams that played Sunday night.”

Rolle said it took everything in him not to step off the sideline and retaliate after the Eagles delivered a late blindside hit to Eli Manning after the Giants quarterback threw an interception in the first quarter.

He also said had he known DeSean Jackson taunted the Giants by flipping the ball after a 50-yard reception to defensive coordinator Perry Fewell, he would have made the Eagles receiver pay.

“At the end of the day there is a way of you getting your point across between those white lines,” Rolle said. “There’s no punks on this team. You are not going to cheap shot my quarterback and think you are going to get away with it at the end of the day.”

“I like DeSean Jackson, DeSean Jackson is my boy,” Rolle added. “But had I known he did what he did during that game, I would have done everything in my power to whack his [rear end] out. That is without a doubt.”

Rolle reiterated that he felt the Giants were too calm on Sunday and did not come out with enough “dog” and swagger in them.

“There is a way of you going out there and having that dog in you, that fight in you and at the same time playing smart and doing the things effectively to help your team win,” Rolle said. “But you can have that dog in you. Understand what I am saying? That is the thing that irks my nerves. But at the same time we are going to get it. I don’t know how we are going to get it but we are going to get it.”

“When we played the Patriots, for me, it wasn’t about beating the Patriots and destroying the records they had going on surrounding that game,” he continued. “It was about how our team came out. We came out fighting! We came out relentless. It was about our attitude, about our swagger.”

Rolle says he hasn’t seen that in every game this year and he plans to take a more proactive role. He also said that it is more on the players than it is on the coaches, pointing out that Tom Coughlin and his staff do not take a single snap.

“We went in there preparing for a dogfight and we fought from the beginning to the very end,” he said of the win in New England. “I can’t say that we have done that in each and every game we have been a part of. And I blame a big part of that on myself. I really do. I take a lot on my chest.”

“We are a great football team,” he added. “That is why I am upset because I feel like we haven’t gone out there and displayed that we are a great team week in and week out. Why does every game come down to the last two minutes of the game? We are better than that. And as soon as we all get on the same page and understand we are better and believe we are better, you will see a better football team.”