Another 2nd half collapse?

Trying to talk to the Giants about another second-half collapse is like uttering the words "foot fetish" around Rex Ryan.

In both cases, it's not exactly a welcome topic of conversation.

But for the Giants, the possibility of another second-half swoon is very real.

After a 6-2 start, the Giants have lost two straight games. One was on the road to a tough San Francisco 49ers team. The other was at home, to an Eagles team without its starting quarterback.

Considering the schedule the Giants are facing the rest of the way, it's fair to wonder if they are on the verge another second-half collapse.

After playing at New Orleans on Monday night, the Giants host the Packers (11-0), travel to Dallas (7-4), host the Redskins (4-7), play the Jets (6-5) at Met Life Stadium and host the Cowboys (7-4) to finish the regular season.

That's a tough schedule for any team, let alone one with the Giants' history of struggles in the second half.

In each of Tom Coughlin's eight seasons at the helm, the Giants have won at least five of their first eight games. Conversely, they have won five games in the second half just twice, finishing with a second-half record at .500 or below five times in that span.

And the Giants' annual second-half dive has, at times, carried over into the postseason.

Aside from their Super Bowl-winning campaign in 2007, the Giants haven't won a playoff game during Coughlin's tenure.

They've missed the playoffs the last two seasons.

Last Monday, Coughlin was asked what message he wanted to send to a Giants fan base concerned about another second-half collapse. Here, in part, was his answer: "I think that the group has it within our power to change the circumstances and switch the situation around and, again, play at a very high level."

Question: Do you agree with Coughlin? Can the Giants change their circumstances and avoid a second half-collapse?

Let us know in the comments section below.