Tuck: 'One of best feelings ever'

This memory will never leave.

"You'll never forget this, no matter how long you live, no matter what happens, they can never take that championship away from you," Giants defensive end Justin Tuck told ESPN's Rachel Nichols after the game. "We're sketched in stone now."

For the second time in four years, Tuck won a title as the Giants beat the Patriots, 21-17, in the Super Bowl. Tuck credited a team effort, crediting him team for staying together and believing in one another.

Like it has all season, the game came down to the fourth quarter and once again, Eli Manning came through in the clutch. Not that it surprised Tuck.

"I couldn't have written a better script for us," Tuck said of Manning's game-winning drive."We just knew it was going to happen this way. We knew it was going to come down, basically the last drive. We had done it so many times this year, so when it happened, when it started unfolding, I just told everybody to get ready to go back because I knew they were going to score and I knew we were going to go into the lead. Honestly, it never occurred to me we wasn't going to win."