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Tuesday, June 7, 2011
Plax attack: Some Giants/Plax stats

By Matt Ehalt

With the release of Plaxico Burress from jail Monday, making him a free agent, we thought it would be a good time to check out some Giants statistics with and without Plax.

All stats including Burress are through Dec. 2, 2008, which was the day of his suspension, which marked a total of 60 regular season games and six playoff games with Big Blue. Even the games in which Burress did not play, in which the Giants were 3-0 in his time, are included. The Giants have played 36 regular season games and one postseason game without Burress.

Giants with Burress: 40-20 (4-2 postseason)
Giants without Burress: 19-17 (0-1 postseason)

Giants with Burress in regular season: 25.03 points per game
Giants without Burress in regular season: 24. 19 points per game
Giants with Burress in playoffs: 17.5 points per game
Giants without Burress in playoffs: 11 points per game

Against playoff teams
Giants with Burress: 9-13 (4-2 postseason)
Giants without Burress: 5-12 (0-1 postseason)

Divisional games
Giants vs. Eagles with Burress: 6-1 (0-1 postseason)
Giants vs. Eagles without Burress: 0-5 (0-1 postseason)
Giants vs. Cowboys with Burress: 3-4 (1-0 postseason)
Giants vs. Cowboys without Burress: 3-2
Giants vs. Redskins with Burress: 6-2
Giants vs. Redskins without Burress: 4-0
Giants vs. NFC East with Burress: 15-7 (1-1 postseason)
Giants vs. NFC East without Burress: 7-7 (0-1 postseason)

Giants vs. AFC with Burress: 10-6 (1-0 postseason)
Giants vs. AFC without Burress: 4-4

Eli 300-yard games
With Plaxico: 7 in 60 regular season games
Without Plaxico: 7 in 36 regular season games

Eli TD and INT
With Plaxico: 90 TD, 63 INT (10 TD, 5 INT postseason)
Without Plaxico: 60 TD, 41 INT (0 TD, 2 INT postseason)

Eli 100+ passer rating
With Plaxico: 12 in 60 regular season games (2 in 6 postseason games)
Without Plaxico: 13 in 36 regular season games (0 in 1 postseason games)

Do these stats prove the Giants need Plax or should they pass? Are you surprised by these numbers? Let us know in the comments below.