New York Giants: Andy Reid

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The news of the day: The Giants were horrible, again, in a 31-7 loss to the Chiefs in Kansas City. They are 0-4 for the first time in 26 years and the first time in the Tom Coughlin/Eli Manning era, and quite frankly they haven't even seriously threatened to win any of their four games. The only positive thing you can say about the Giants right now is that they might have a chance to beat the Jaguars on a neutral field, but I honestly don't know how confident you can be about that. The glass-half-full view is that the division-leading Cowboys are only 2-2, and that the division remains within reach if the Giants ever start winning games. But they're so far from winning any games at all right now, I don't even know how you give them the 7-5 finish they would need to get into the 2010 NFC West tiebreaker. I think this is a complete flatline, and that it's time for the Giants to start thinking about who can and can't help them in 2014 and beyond.

Behind enemy lines: The game-changing play was a brilliant, multiple-ankle-breaking punt return touchdown by Kansas City's Dexter McCluster, a speedy waterbug of a player for whom the Chiefs seem to have been waiting for a while. With victories already over the Cowboys, Eagles and Giants, new Chiefs coach Andy Reid is 3-0 against the NFC East this year after going just 1-5 against the NFC East last year in his final season as coach of the Eagles.

Around the division: The Cowboys gave one away on the road in San Diego and whiffed on a chance to grab control of the division race. The Eagles became the latest team to be completely humiliated by Peyton Manning and the Broncos. The only team in the division that won Sunday was the Redskins, who picked up their first win of the season by beating the Raiders with a little help from the pass rush. The NFC East has a combined record of 4-12 and no team with a winning record, but only one of the four teams in the division is still winless.

Around the league: I will be looking at my Power Rankings ballot later on Monday, and I have to say, it's a tough call at the top. I've voted for Seattle the past two weeks, and they remain 4-0 and haven't done anything to cost themselves the spot. Coming back from 20-3 down at halftime to win on the road in Houston seems like a best-team-in-the-league thing to do. Do you like the Seahawks at No. 1? Or the Broncos, who have outscored their opponents by a combined total of 88 points in four games? Denver has just one road win to Seattle's two, and Denver's opponents are a combined 4-12 while Seattle's are 5-10, so that's not much help... tough call.

Big Blue Morning: Time to trust Wilson?

September, 18, 2013
Your daily morning check-in on news and notes about and of interest to the New York Giants.

The news of the day: Totally get the point Tom Coughlin is trying to make with David Wilson. Totally understand its importance. If Wilson is going to keep fumbling, it's too damaging to the offense to give him 15-20 carries per game. However, other than two season openers against Dallas, there's not much evidence that Wilson's a chronic fumbler. So I agree with Ohm Youngmisuk, who writes that Coughlin needs to give Wilson the ball and accept the risk given his other options and the current state of the Giants' running game. The problem is that Coughlin's pretty well dug in on this one, and to just change gears now may not be something he's comfortable doing.

Behind enemy lines: The Carolina Panthers are 0-2 and their quarterback may be trying too hard. Sound familiar? Yeah, Sunday's is a critical game for both of these teams. But Cam Newton doesn't have as much in the bank with his fans as Eli Manning has with his, and this would be a huge win for him.

Around the division: Former Eagles coach Andy Reid is bringing his Kansas City Chiefs to Philadelphia for this week's Thursday night game. Big emotional night down there in Philly, where they'll be retiring Donovan McNabb's number as well. Reid's 2-0 with the Chiefs, who the Giants would do well to watch, since they have to play them in Week 4. I'm personally fascinated to see what Reid's got for the Eagles on Thursday. He can say whatever he wants, but he wouldn't be human if he didn't desperately want to win this game for a million different personal reasons.

Around the league: Remember the 2009 draft, when six wide receivers went in the first round and lots of folks thought the Giants would take Rutgers product Kenny Britt and they took Hakeem Nicks instead? Good call, even with all of Nicks' injury problems. Britt's been one huge wreck after another during his NFL career, and he may be paving his way out of Tennessee.

Coughlin offers condolences to Reid family

August, 6, 2012
ALBANY, N.Y. — Head coach Tom Coughlin opened Monday’s post-practice press conference on a somber note, offering condolences to Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid and his family following the death of Reid’s oldest son Garrett.

“Yesterday was a very sad day for all of us in the NFL family. And our condolences, our deepest sympathy goes out to Andy and Tammy Reid and their families at the terrible, terrible loss of their son,” Coughlin said. “We also have [defensive] assistant coach Al Holcomb who lost his mother yesterday, so it was kind of a sad day for us yesterday throughout the league.”

Garrett Reid, 29, was found dead Sunday morning in his room at the Eagles' training camp at Lehigh University.